Tierra Gold Trading LLC (“Tierra Gold”) is a registered and licensed company under Department of Economic Development – Dubai, United Arab Emirates with Trade License N. 827222, with an office located at Dubai Commercial Center, Deira. The licensed activity of the company is Non-Manufactured Precious Metal Trading.

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In order to provide highest quality and reliable assay report, Tierra Gold is in partners with certified laboratories that use the most up to date techniques throughout the analysis process performed by a highly trained and certified engineer.


Being partners with precious metals refiners that equipped with highly committed experts and states of the art refining facility, Tierra Gold is committed to provide a worldwide accepted process for gold refining and to deliver premium quality precious metals.


The main goal is to provide the best service and selling price to the clients who will buy and sell in the form of Fine Gold Bars and Grains with purity of 999.9 and 995.0 and Fine Silver in 1 kg bars or grains with 999.9 and 999.5 purity.

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